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Futbol and Politricks

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The game seems simple enough. Two teams. 11 people. 1 referee and a field split in half. And the aim, even simpler, get the ball in the back of the net. But there are also the games that played to support The Game.

Let Us Pray

Ethel Sharriff 1963

This week on the Chronic online, we look at the beliefs that bring us to our needs. Who do we pray, what do we pray for and what does that mean about how you position yourself in the greater cosmology of faith and criticality?

The Unholy Trinity of Land, Property and Value

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The third installment of the African Cities Reader explores the unholy trinity of land, property and value – the life force of cities everywhere. In an era of late modernity marked by a speculative compulsion that takes on a spectral character as it instigates adventures of city imagineering, deal-making and symbolic reinvestment, the material effects […]