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  This week on the Chronic website, we delve into the archive and beyond (to works published in the Chimurenga journal, which preceded it) to find stories of food as personal and political, as memory and healing. Yemisi Aribisala lives in Cross River State, where the scent of fish is all-pervasive and the aphrodisiac is as much in the […]


Taking advantage of both the intimacy and unpredictability of the live radio studio space and the reach and scope of the internet, Pan African Space Station Pop-Up seeks to forge new collaborations across time and space. A combination of live conversations, travelogues, discussion sessions and performances, together with exhibitions of new and archival material interrogate our shared histories. The […]


Visit, follow and listen to the  latest LIVE recordings from The Pan African Space Station on our Mixcloud. Also listen to and watch our archive on Stories About Music in Africa, a series that presents concert-lectures and audio/visual stories recorded at the Chimurenga headquarters in Cape Town as well as satellite locations across the African world. The […]


Forged from a rare metal found only in Africa and South America, the Afro-horn is an instrument to open the mouths of the gods. It was invented by ancient Egyptians, who called it the Tun-tet. According to Brent Hayes Edwards’ imaginative essay on the mythical instrument, there are only three Afro-horns in the world: one […]


On 16 August 2012, the South African Police Service opened fire on a crowd of striking mineworkers at Marikana, killing 34 and wounding dozens of others. Loyiso Mkhize goes back in time to the site of the massacre, seconds before the first shot has been fired, and imagines it not only as a fight against […]


Through the fictional character Qalqalah, Sarah Rifky, grapples with the question what is an institution? Speaking to art institutions and their futures she asks: what is the future of art? And more importantly, what is the future of language? Artwork by Thenjiwe Nkosi. Read Qalqalah in The Corpse Exhibition and Older Graphic Stories. Out now.    


Jamaican-born poet, musician and visual artist Jimmy Rage, explores pain and destruction through the passage of time and space: “We cruise the highways and byways,” of memory and imagined futures. Read Screaming Though the Galaxy here in The Corpse Exhibition and Older Graphic Stories. Out now  



An explosive bellow from the spiritual heart of the black experience, saxophonist and composer Winston Mankunku’s Ngozi’s Yakhal’Inkomo is at once a call to action, an open letter and a prayer. Recorded in 1968, as a cry mourning the Sharpeville massacre, and reinvoked in Mongane Wally Serote’s 1972 collection of poems, it tasks us with […]

Missiles and Missives

James Baldwin (L) and his brother David, dine in a Paris restaurant. St. Germain des Prs, Paris, France. 1981
James Baldwin (G) et son frre,David, dinent dans un restaurant Parisien. St. Germain des Prs, Paris, France. 1981.

This week on the Chronic we look at a record of concerns, loves, conflicts and the imagination as documented in the personal letters of James Baldwin, Bessie Head, Albert Luthuli and one Mr A. Toffee.