About Us

Chimurenga, a pan African publication of writing, art and politics has been in print since March 2002. It was founded by Ntone Edjabe.

The journal is published irregularly in print, online and through themed performances called “Chimurenga Sessions.” The current print edition is the Chimurenga Chronic (October 2011) – a one-time only edition of Chimurenga in the form of a speculative newspaper set in May 2008. Other Chimurenga projects include the Chronic – a quarterly pan African gazette;  Chimurenga Library – an online archive of pan African, independent periodicals; Pan African Space Station (PASS) – a cyber-spatial exploration of pan-African sounds from ancient techno to future roots; African Cities Reader – a biennial publication of urban life, Africa-style; the  Power Money Sex (PMS) Reader an online research space exploring the interwoven relationship between power, money and sex; .and Pilgrimages –  14 African writers visit 14 African cities to explore the complexities of our disparate urban landscapes.

A flowering of organic schools of thought grown in backyard gardens, tilled and fertilised by the fundamentals of humanity preached and sometimes practiced.  Fela says, simply: Who no know go know.

An incomplete roll call: Ramps, Scratch, Fransch, Frantz, Zimology, Wright, Roy, Tosh, Roach, Shahrzad, Armah, Nortje, Meshell, Lee, Ali, Hani, Busi, Buchi, Kippie, (the cry of) Winnie, Mongezi (“You ain’t gonna know me”), (King) Tubby, (Ken) Bugul, BigYouth, Badu-ism, Baldwin, Bili, Brathwaite, (Bra) Willie, (Bra) Wally, Kwani?, Kwaninis, Nina, Kalonji, Dyani, D-Money, Jimi, Djibril, Nkoli, LKJ, PBS, BNB (vol1), BOP, POC, TP OK Jazz, PE, Miles (sometimes), MAW, Matthews, Mazrui, Matigari, Metronome, Mapfumo, Mwalimu, Mongo, Zao, Shado, Ukooflani Maumau, Seithlamo, Chico, Ko-Shun, Okot p’, Gil-Scott, Ra, Akomfrah’s BAFC, Galeano, (General’s) Politburo, (Real) Rozano, Yambo, Yes & No, Neo, Dumile, Dudu, Douleur, Zeke, Zoe, Achille, Mashile, Micere, Okigbo, Biko, Betty D, Bessie H, Bessie S, Olu, Anikulapo, Sobukwe, The Leninist Czar, Wole, Were-Were, Desiree, Sangare, Ray, Lorde, Letta, Vera, Wenge Musica (4×4 bcbg), Mingus, Mos, Fani-Kayode, Onsulade, Seun, Sandile, Neg’Marrons, G-Force Reagon, Tuff Gong, Banton, Kiemute, Liyenkula, Kouakou, Fong Kong Bantu Soundsystem, Skeem, Labou-Tansi, Zackie, Tsitsi, Pakhati and the other 50, The other Dumisane – “If am the other who are you?”, (The) Artist, Tate, Taban, Govan, Ousmane, Tabane, (Neogy’s) Transition-ers, (Botsotso) Jesters, Staffriders, Glendora, Walker, (the other) Trevor, Themba at the House of Truth, Brenda, Bonga, Donga, Amandla, Almicar, Sedar, Spivak, Lady Saw, Samora, Tchicaya, Fodeba, Makeba, Marechera, Malangatana, Binyavanga, Chimamanda, (the hand of) Maradona, Sankara, Rakim, Rose, Manfila, Nah-ee-lah, Mafika, Fiel dos Santos, Marcos, hooks, Abdullah (no, Dollar), Mboya, Chinua, Gza, Tuma, Lumumba’s speech, La Guma, Tutuola, Midnight Children, Midnight Marauders, Said, Taiwa, Thandiswa, Appiah, Basquiat, Boukaka, A luta, Kalakuta, Union & Lutte, Ujamaa, Amandla (redux), Intifada, Chimurenga…in no particular order…

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