Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chimurenga?
Chimurenga is a pan African publication of writing, art and ideas, out of Cape Town, South Africa. Founded and edited by Ntone Edjabe, the first issue appeared in March 2002.

What does Chimurenga mean?
Chimurenga is a Shona word from Zimbabwe, loosely translated as “struggle.”

When and how does Chimurenga come out?
The journal is published on the page, online and through themed performances called “Chimurenga Sessions.” Other Chimurenga Projects include the Chimurenga Chronic – a one-time only edition of Chimurenga in the form of a speculative newspaper; Chimurenga Library – an online archive of pan African, independent periodicals; Pan African Space Station (PASS) – a cyber-spatial exploration of pan-African sounds from ancient techno to future roots; African Cities Reader – a biennial publication of urban life, Africa-style; and Pilgrimages – 14 African writers visit 14 African cities to explore the complexities of our disparate urban landscapes.

Where can I buy a copy of Chimurenga?
Chimurenga is available from booksellers, universities, and arts/cultural organisations. Check our list of stockists for more info.

How can I subscribe to Chimurenga?
Use our online subscription form to get copies of Chimurenga for yourself or your institution.

How do I submit my essay/poetry/fiction/artwork/photography to Chimurenga?
First, read a couple back issues of Chimurenga to get a sense of what we’re about and check our website for news about the theme of our next issue. Once you’ve made it this far, submit your text or images via email to info [at] Finally, wait. Only the authors of accepted works will be notified.

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