Chimurenganyana, a pavement literature project consisting of low cost serialized monographs culled from the print journal.



Series 2

Factions, essays, scores, interviews, liner notes, musical analyses, travel writing, personal impressions, political and social commentary. Plus innovative artwork that illuminates the subversive beauty, electrifying creativity and marvellous diversity of some of music’s most provocative innovators:


The Forest and the Zoo
by Aryan Kaganof
Johnny Dyani offers method to the Skanga (black music family) in this extended conversation with Aryan Kaganof. Photographs by George Hallett.
By Dominique Malaquais
A text and image reflection on the “Rumble in the Jungle”, the Muhammad Ali / George Foreman boxing match held in Kinshasa in 1974. Norman Mailer started The FightDominique Malaquais punched back.
52 Niggers
by Stacy HardyA word-sound investigation of unjustly neglected African-American composer Julius Eastman‘s caged negratas.Photographs by Chris Rusiniak and Donald Burkhardt.
The Making of Mannenberg
by John Edwin Mason
On a winter’s day in 1974, a group of musicians led by Abdullah Ibrahim entered a recording studio in the heart of Cape Town, and emerged, hours later, having changed South African music, forever…  John Edwin Mason pens notes on the making of the icon and the anthem.
In Search of Yambo Ouloguem
by Christopher Wise
Yambo Ouologuem, the Malian author of Le devoir de violence and other literary works, has been shrouded in mystery since he disappeared from the West, effectively turning his back on literature… Christopher Wise goes in search.
Dr Satan’s Echo Chamber
by Louis Chude-Sokei
Reggae, technology and the diaspora… Louis Chude-Sokei documents the (un)making of Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber.
The Night Moses Died
by Nicole Turner
“Sleeking through the night city towards Hillbrow, it was Thapelo who asked where we were going and why….”Photographs by Pete Williams, Peter McKenzie


Series 1 (out of print)


Series 1 of this pocket literature features interviews and words on music, culture, being and art:


A Silent Way: Routes of South African Jazz 1946 – 1978
by Julian Jonker
 When You Kill Us, We Rule! – Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Last Interview
By Keziah Jones
 Blood Money: A Douala Chronicle
by Dominique Malaquais
Thinking of Brenda
by Njabulo Ndebele
Variations on the Beautiful in the Congolese World of Sounds
by Achille Mbembe
In Defence of the Films We’ve Made
by Odia Ofeimun