Chimurenga 01: Music Is The Weapon (April 2002)


“…The struggle of black people inevitably appear in an intensely cultural form because the social formation in which their distinct political traditions are now manifest has constructed the arena of politics on ground overshadowed by centuries of metropolitan capitalist development, thereby denying them recognition as legitimate politics. Blacks conduct a class struggle in and through race. The BC of race and class cannot be empirically separated, the class character of black struggles is not a result of the fact that blacks are predominantly proletarian, thought this is true…”

(Frank Talk Staff Writers in ‘Azania Salutes Tosh’ – circa 1981)

Njabulo Ndebele on Brenda Fassie, Ntone Edjabe on Fela Kuti, Julian Jonker on Sun RaDJ Spooky on Coltrane, Henri Kala Lobe on MC Solaar, Gael Reagon on Moses Molelekwa, and many others

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