Curated by the editors and contributors of Chimurenga Magazine, the Chimurenga Library is an online archiving project that profiles independent pan-African paper periodicals and personal books from around the world. It focuses on cultural and literary magazines, both living and extinct, which have been influential platforms for dissent and which have broadened the scope for print publishing on art, new writing and ideas in and about Africa.

The library is also a digital archive of long-term Chimurenga research projects, including Festafrica, New Cartographies, Lower Frequencies and more.


Books and Periodicals

The aim of is not to produce a comprehensive bibliography of periodicals published in Africa; our approach is purely subjective. These are simply objects we read and admire.


A publishing and exhibition project exploring and exposing how comics produced in and about Africa have long exploited the specific aesthetics and characteristics of the medium to give expression to action, urges and desires that could not be expressed in any other way.


We understand the role of cartography as a tool of imperialism. However, we ask: what if maps were made by Africans for their own use, to understand and make visible their own realities or imaginaries?


The 2nd Festival of Arts and Culture, Lagos (FESTAC ’77) performed live on the world stage complex dialogs, confrontations and intersections of ideas on culture, politics and identities. We ask: can a past that the present has not yet caught up with be summoned to haunt the present as an alternative?

Power Money Sex

An online research space exploring the interwoven relationship between power, money and sex.