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One Day I Will Write About This Place – a Chimurenga Session featuring Binyavanga Wainaina

Join us in Cape Town to launch long-time Chimurenga collaborator, Kwani? founding editor and celebrated writer, Binyavanga Wainaina’s groundbreaking new memoire, One Day I Will Write About This Place. December 2 from 6.30pm at the Slave Church on Long Street, Cape Town Wainaina will read from his book followed by a discussion session with Centre […]

The Chimurenga Chronic – available now!

Chimurenga Magazine‘s new issue, the Chimurenga Chronic, a speculative newspaper set in May 2008, is now available online via the Chimurenga Shop, and on the streets, in spaza shops and in bookstores. The Chronic comprises of a 128-page multi-section broadsheet; the stand-alone 40 page Chronic Life Magazine; and the 96 page Chronic Book Review Magazine. […]

De l’art de vivre l’art

“Goddy Leye has left us. It was February 19, 2011, shortly after midnight. In Karachi, at the edge of the desert where it never rains in this season, the heavens opened. Rain….” Dominique Malaquais pays tribute to artist, friend, mentor, comrade Goddy Leye who recently passed away. (more…)

Chimurenga receives the Prince Claus Fund’s 2011 Principal Award!

Through the annual Prince Claus Award, the Fund honours eleven cultural pioneers, for their outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development. Chimurenga is honoured to receive the Prince Claus Fund’s 2011 Principal Award, and congratulates the 2011 laureates.  We thank the Prince Clause Fund for their recognition of our work over the past […]

Chronic Street Poster Campaign

The release of the Chimurenga Chronic on 19 October, 2011 will be preceded by a 6 week long public art intervention in the form of a newspaper poster campaign in the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Goteborg, Sweden, and here, in cyberspace. Where traditional newspapers announce their content through ‘Newspaper headline posters’, the Chimurenga Chronic will pose questions as provocations. (more…)

The Chronic – out on Black Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The next issue of Chimurenga Magazine takes the form of The Chronic, a once-off, one-day-only edition of a speculative, future-forward newspaper that travels back in time to re-imagine the present. Produced in collaboration with Nigeria’s Cassava Republic Press and Kenya’s Kwani?, it is a multi-section broadsheet with news, long-form journalism, comics, sport, art etc. and […]