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La solution se trouve-t-elle dans un repli dit identitaire ?

Goddy Leye Universite de Xiamen, Chinese European Centre, fin septembre 2002. Un groupe d’artistes de diverses nationalites vivant a Amsterdam, preparent une exposition avec des collegues chinois. une question fuse de l’assistance. Vehemente mais pas innattendue: elle porte sur la suprematie de la scene artistique de l’Ouest et exprime les craintes de l’intervenant chinois quand […]

Africa and the War on Terror

Mukoma wa Ngugi President Bush, as if to settle the debate once and for all over what form a terrorist exactly takes stated, “you are with us or against us”. With that bold statement, he cast the world into one of a binary opposition, on one side evil and on the other good; the rest […]

Under Mandela Bridge

Andile Mngxitama I first came to Braamfontein about 13 years ago. Everything about the place had one clear message, “blacks are not welcomed here”. The streets where clean, there were no hawkers or beggars: it was another country, nothing like down-town Jozi, which lies less than a kilometre away. Our sheer numbers as we in […]

Strategising against the Gaze

Olivier Barlet Confronted with Western criticism (which, after all, reflects the public’s desires and thus the success of these films in Europe), films by directors of African descent intrinsically have to prove their ‘Africanism’. Only then can they receive the holy unction, the recognition of their “authenticity”. (more…)