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Ubuntu’s Wounds

What is forgiveness? According to Pope,”to err is human- to forgive, divine.” For centuries, black peoples have been struggling to find ways to find balance; the kind of balance that says both ” never forget” and “I will not let this define me”, simultaneously. Young SA film director Sechaba Morolele explains that his film “Ubuntu’s […]

Good to be on the march again

Sucking lollipops (breakfast) Malcolm and I enter Alexandra stadium to the blast of bad poprock music and about 250 people. Somebody’s forgotten that music too is the message. Later, when the important people have arrived, the deejay plays bra Masekela, an apt soundtrack for a political generation faced with some tough challenges. We’re doing the […]


an excerpt from Myriem by Boris Boubacar Diop Mettre le feu à des ambassades, c’était de la folie. Le Président avait dû faire une allocution télévisée pour calmer les esprits. Ses courtisans n’avaient finalement eu d’autre choix que de lui avouer la vérité : ‘Excellence, madame Dembélé n’a commis aucun crime et d’ailleurs, il s’agit, […]

The Trajectory Of A Street Photographer

an excerpt from ‘The Trajectory Of A Street Photographer’ by Santu Mofokeng Tardiness in returning photographs could cost you your reputation and business, perhaps even a beating. Most township people felt vulnerable and exposed when they gave you permission to take (or make) an image of them. Many felt that their ‘shade’ (the new anthropology […]

Hell In Bed With Ms Preprah

an excerpt from ‘Hell In Bed With Ms Preprah’ by Binyavanga Wainaina The Cocoa lady is talking loudly now, as if she is talking to the whole room, ” He! So they left Oyster Shell, and went to Amigos. I met them there; five minutes didn’t pass, and they were fighting again. Some American guy […]