“Angazi, but I’m sure”: A Raw Académie Session

RAW Material Company is a Dakar-based centre for art, knowledge and society; concerned with curatorial practice, artistic education, residencies, knowledge production, and archiving of theory and criticism on art.

From 3rd April to 26th May 2017, we are in Dakar to lead a session of the RAW Académie titled “Angazi, but am sure”. The programme includes weekly public lectures by noted thinkers, actioneers and Chimurenga People. Tune into the Pan African Space Station to listen live.

May’s seminars include:

01/05 17H30: Victor Gama – Containers of meaning, devices for reconstruction and narratives of the spirit.

03/05 17h30: Neo Muyanga – Revolting songs can shield (sometimes) against bullets.

05/05 17h30: Ibou Fall – Satire: A Necessary Perspective

15/05 17h30: Felwine SarrCultures and Imaginations of Renewal

17/05 17h30: Lionel MangaEx-centricities, Complexities and Translations

19/05 17h30: Wendell MarshPublic Lecture on Malcolm X

22/05 17h30: Dominique MalaquaisBreathing Out of School

24/05 17h30: Clapperton Mavhunga – Knowing From Here


Read more about the curriculum here. Or check out our faculty and fellows below.