Pink Churches…(a boxer’s mantra)


Do you,
Do you,
Do you lie in stereo,
Do you ever get the urge, to rewind, rewind the radio
Do you play attention…play attention and listen to your pillow
Do you pay to play…Do you smile when you pray…Do you pray
Do you plant…Do you have a plant…Do you love your plant
Do you know your plant is in love with you
Do you draw south portraits after you trade in your compass,
Do you state the oblivious if it’s obvious
Do you, do you…remember December… Nevermind Nirvana in November?

Do you find your own fault lines….fun, funny, fine …your spine is fine
Do you get bored with your subconscious….cheat on your blindness,
Do you hide the crack in your face…. make the mirror nervace
Do you know your weakness is this strong
This strong, This strong,This strong, This strong,…weekness is this strong
Do you know you have just broken your own record
Do you curse all your coulds…all your woulds….well…damnit you should
Do you resist symmetry for your own sanity
Do your words become a weapon when you sit still with a pen
Do you pull, pull, pull your punctures, punish with unsent letters
Do you burn the bread board
Do you binge from the fringe
Do you panic…Do you panic…Do you panic
Do you meet your bullet, your drop(s) of dust
Do you risk, or do you rust
Do you dig for stars
Do you search for the drips…
I mean do you search for the tap
Do you miss the drips at the door
Do you seize to believe, because you cease to believe
Do you fondle your billion, honor the thief within, OR,

Do you pass the cushion, get the treasure off your chest
Do you hear the bleeding, only indulge in healing
Do you unzip your mind…Do you lean on the ceiling?
Do you practice left-hand dishwashing,
Do you feel better because you fail better,
Do you ever think the mercenaries will take up trip hop drumin’
Do you stalk yourself for loop wholes…grow young, grow young… as you glow old
Do you see… do you see…pink churches… on the border….to the heartland?

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