Chimurenga Vol. 7: Kaapstad! (And Jozi, The Night Moses Died) (July ’05)


Gabeba Baderoon: High Traffic
Judy Kibinge: Diary of an Ex-Black Woman
Suren Pillay: Notes on the Cape Town Skollie
Zoe Wicomb: Five Afrikaner texts and the rehabilitation of whiteness
Sandile Dikeni: How the West Was Lost
Steve Gordon: Scratch
Ntone Edjabe: Blues for a Hip Queen
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Taylor: The night Moses died (Parts One & Two)
Rustum Kozain: Winter 2003
Ishtiyaq Shukri: Russell Square
RealRozanno & D-Form: Forgotten Frequencies
Jeremy Cronin: Even the Dead
Cullen Goldblatt: brinjals
Liesl Jobson: Waiting for the Lotto (in 3 episodes)
Leticia Davids on Confessions of a Gambler by Rayda Jacobs
Annari van de Merwe
SACTWU Library
Kali Van de Merwe: Uhambo, Pieces of a Dream
Steve Gordon: Ultimate Jams, Abdullah Ibrahim
Ingrid Masondo: Prince
Ernestine White: from Then and Now
Belinda Zangewa: Unsung Heroes from Hot in the City
Rucera Seethal
Film Stills:
Lens: from Maganthrie Pillay’s 34 South
Abdulkadir Said’s Rhythms from Africa


Cover: Rucera Seethal