Chimurenga Vol. 4: Black Gays & Mugabes (May ’03)

Big Screen :

Black Caesar by Larry Cohen


Kopano Ratele on Perversion
Gael Reagon on Rockey St, Joburg, Mzanzi
Kalamu ya Salaam on Black Women, Classic Blues and Eroticism
Mukoma wa Ngugi on Imagination & Politics of Change

Conversation :

“The turning point for black gay people in SA is 1987, the Delmas Treason Trial and Simon Nkoli. That changed everything […] We are not talking about the coloured moffies now. They were always around. They did Cissie Gool se hare. There’s an interesting thing about Cissie by the way, that brings us to people who will not subscribe to the identities imposed by society or movements. She [was] the only Muslim woman Communist elected by a predominantly Muslim area. She also came out as an atheist. The movement never thought it appropriate to identify with a woman who transgressed cultural, religious and political boundaries and occupied the place that many men would, across race and class. Not like, say, Ray and Jack Simons or Walter and Albertina Sisulu. For all her faults and contradictions, Winnie Mandela has that same politics.”
Zackie Achmat talking to Elaine Salo and Sean Jacobs.

Faction :

Adhiambo Owuor – Weight of Whispers
Touré – A Hot Time at the Church of Kentucky Fried Souls and the Spectacular Final Sunday Sermon of the Right Revren Daddy Love
Kgafela oa Magogodi – tâ sol in beership major
Mukoma wa Ngugi – African Revolutions
Muthoni Garland – Odour of Fate
Yambo Ouologuem – Out of Sight (adapted from the French by Dominique Malaquais & Ntone Edjabe)

Photo :

Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989)

Art :

Tracey Rose
Naima Penniman

Cover Art :

‘bondage’ by Rotimi Fani-Kayode