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Chimurenga Vol. 16: The Chimurenga Chronic (October ’11)

The Chimurenga Chronic, is the once-off edition of an imaginary newspaper which is issue 16 of Chimurenga. Set in the week 18-24 May 2008, the Chronic imagines the newspaper as producer of time – a time-machine.


An intervention into the newspaper as a vehicle of knowledge production and dissemination, it seeks to provide an alternative to mainstream representations of history, on the one hand filling the gap in the historical coverage of this event, whilst at the same time reopening it. The objective is not to revisit the past to bring about closure, but rather to provoke and challenge our perceptions.


Both a bold art project and a hugely ambitious publishing venture, The Chronic gives voice to all aspects of life on the continent. The 128-page multi-section broadsheet features news, analysis and long-form journalism by award-winning writers and journalists. Its content rages from in-depth investigations into xenophobia, border politics, the business of migration and ethnic economics, to innovative coverage of sports, arts, mental health, media, technology and more. The stand-alone 40 page Chronic Life Magazine features photography, essays, guides, games, columns and more, and the Chronic Book Review Magazine is a self-contained 96 page magazine packed with interviews, analysis and over 30 pages of book reviews, as well as new fiction and poetry.


The Chronic also comes packaged with a free audio CD supplement in the form of a “mixtape,” titled Dipalo and composed, arranged and performed by Neo Muyanga.


In an effort to challenge the newspapers’ history as a tool of nationalism, The Chimurenga Chronic is a pan African production, created in cooperation with independent publishers Kwani? in Kenya and Nigeria’s Cassava Republic Press. It brings together journalists and editors, writers, theorists, photographers, illustrators and artists from around Africa and the world to create a platform for debate, dialogue and exchange.


For more details visit The Chronic Newsroom website, the research platform of The Chimurenga Chronic. An aggregator of ideas, sources and discussion, this blog acts as an open-source archive, documenting the project’s research process and its final manifestation. Read excerpts from the print publication and article briefs, interact in editorial discussions and access reading lists of research material that expand on the knowledge contained in the paper