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Pan African Space Station lands in Mexico City

From 4 October – 26 November 2017, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) will land at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City. For 8 weeks, the PASS studio will function as “ecole du soir” (evening school) – a meeting place, a classroom, and laboratory where different worlds will converge. The radio programming explores the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, […]

End of Elections

This week in the Chronic Online: The End of Elections? Paula Akugizibwe reads Seeing by Portuguese author Jose Saramago to find out what happens to a democratic system when no one turns up to vote. From albocracy (Government by “white” men or Europeans) through plousiocracy (The privileged rule of the wealthy) and  schismarch (one who […]

Songs for Biko, and other stomps, screams and prayers

12th, 2017 marks the anniversary of the murder of Bantu Stephen Biko in police detention. We remember… but, as Gail Smith reminds us in Death by Memory, memory is sometimes murder… Read takes sand listen to mixes on Biko and black consciousness, black collectivity and beership in The Chronic Online. Its 15 years since Chimurenga […]

Conversations with Writers on PASS – 6-10 September

From 6-10 September, coinciding with the Open Book Fest that will run over the same period, Chimurenga will host a series of interviews and conversations with a selection of authors and guests of the festival LIVE on the Pan African Space Station. Tune in to listen via www.panafricanspacestation.org.za Programme: Chibundu Onuzo with Luso Mnthali : […]

Listen to Coltrane Week (17-21 July 2017)

  17 -21 July was Coltrane Week on Pan African Space Station, streamed and recorded LIVE from Chimurenga HQ. From 18:00 – 20:00 every evening, we invited listeners to tune into the PASS stream for a selection of odes and ramblings to the father of spiritual jazz and beyond. Coltrane Week featured interviews, musical contributions and compositions from Trane […]

The New Thing

An ongoing series exploring new spaces for radical culture in South Africa.     PART I : Out of the silence, the crevices, cracks and forgotten places of Cape Town, comes the thing that is jazz. Lindokuhle Nkosi listens to the language of traditions, improvisation and healing, as channelled by some gifted young South African protégés in […]

Download Chimurenga Magazine!

  Select issues of our commencement project Chimurenga Magazine are now available in PDF format.   Started in 2002, the pan African publication of culture, art and politics provides an innovative platform for free ideas and political reflection by Africans about Africa.     Available editions include: Chimurenga 6: “Orphans of Fanon” (2004) Chimurenga 7: “Kaapstad! (and Jozi, the night […]

iPhupho L’ka Biko: Ingoma Yomzabalazo

Stories about Music in Africa is an ongoing project of Chimurenga’s Pan African Space Station that presents concert-lectures and audio/visual stories about music outfits from global Africa dedicated to exploring new musical territory. The most recent episode, recorded live at Chimurenga HQ (Cape Town) in February 2017, presents Johannesburg based pan-Afrikan collective iPhupho L’ka Biko with Ingoma […]


Food security – an industry fuelled by massive material resources and expert knowledge aimed ostensibly at managing the world’s food crisis – has shaped how we think about food. Driven by development discourse, and fed by a global food regime wherein the very systems meant to feed us, starve us, its focus, especially when it comes to Africa, is large […]