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The Spark of Life: Where Novels Come From

Kwani Trust have commissioned a series of articles by today’s leading African writers on writing craft and practice as a way to support writers through the process of developing and submitting manuscripts for the Kwani? Manuscript Project, Kwani Trust’s new literary prize for African writing. Including contributions from Aminatta Forna, Leila Aboulela, Ellen Banda-Aaku and Helon […]

Asia in My Life

By Ngugi wa Thiong’o The links between Asia and Africa and South America have always been present but in our times they have been made invisible by the fact that Europe is still the central mediator of Afro-Asian-Latino discourse. We live under what Satya Mohanty in his interview in Frontline (April 2012), aptly calls the […]

It Begins with a Place

Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts’ first book, Harlem Is Nowhere fuses seemingly disparate elements of history, philosophy, journalism and prose in an attempt to untangle the myth and meaning of Harlem’s legacy. Formally, she never tires of digression, evoking voices from Harlem’s past and present to convey a reality that is multidimensional and complex in its simultaneity, as […]

De l’art de vivre l’art

Dominique Malaquais Goddy Leye nous a quittés. C’était le 19 février 2011, peu après minuit. A Karachi, au bord du désert, où jamais il ne pleut en cette saison, le ciel s’est ouvert. Averse. A l’aube, à l’heure du premier appel des muezzins, il pleuvait encore. J’écris là-bas ces mots pour l’ami, le mentor, le […]

Fifty Years Of African Decolonisation

by Achille Mbembe (translated by Karen Press) Here we are in 2010, fifty years after decolonisation. Is there anything at all to commemorate, or should one on the contrary start all over again? Here restoration of authoritarian rule, there administrative multi-partyism, elsewhere minimal, easily reversible advances, and just about everywhere, extremely elevated levels of social […]

Sortir de la grande nuit. Essai sur l’Afrique décolonisée

Entretien de Norbert N. Ouendji avec Achille Mbembe « Sortir de la grande nuit. Essai sur l’Afrique décolonisée ». Tel est le titre du dernier livre d’Achille Mbembe qui paraît aux Éditions La Découverte à Paris le 14 octobre. J’ai eu le privilège de lire de manière attentive cet ouvrage riche et très documenté écrit en mémoire de […]

Like Words For Weapons

Interview with Samm Farai Monro aka Comrade Fatso by Unathi L Sondiyazi  It was during this year’s World Economic Forum that the rulers of “small people” convened on the snow capped city of Davos in Switzerland to ‘rethink, redesign and rebuild’ their economies after 2008’s financial market catastrophe.  Zimbabwe’s powerless prime minister; Morgan Tsvangirai attended […]

On the Current Censorship Crisis in Kano, Nigeria

By Carmen McCain, Director, Hausa Home Video Resource Center, Bayero University; Nazir Ahmed Hausawa, Manager, Golden Goose Studio; and Ahmed Alkanawy, Director, Center for Hausa Cultural Studies Nigeria’s northern city of Kano was until last year the home of a thriving film industry in the Hausa language. Hausa language “video-films” are similar to the larger […]