Quite how food becomes a love potion is not an easy subject matter. The facts are arcane, yet implicitly understood. There are unspoken rules that govern the matter…


This week on the Chronic website, we delve into the archive and beyond (to works published in the Chimurenga journal, which preceded it) to find stories of food as personal and political, as memory and healing.

Yemisi Aribisala lives in Cross River State, where the scent of fish is all-pervasive and the aphrodisiac is as much in the cooking as in the eating. In Fish Soup as Love Potions, she deconstructs the interlocks of food and sex, fish and pheramones. Also in Nollywood Kiss: Aribisala tells of how to invent your own Nigerian cuisine from scratch with herbs, vegetables and smoked fish, and make it taste like the kiss of your dreams.

There are many shades of dhal and numerous ways to hull and split it, but as Rustum Kozain reveals in The Curry Chronicles- Dal or Dhal, not Dull, when the budget is low and the palate is in need of fulfilment there is nothing quite like a well-cooked, lovingly seasoned legume. Finally, in search for another interesting meal from the myriad on offer in Cape Town, Kozain gets a mouthful from fellow patrons about the unsavoury attitudes of South Africans in Fufu Pot: A Truth Hard to Swallow.

The Chronic is a quarterly gazette published by Chimurenga. It is a publication borne out of an urgent need to write our world differently, to begin asking new questions, or even the old ones anew.

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